Ponytail Parker #1

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Only at PTJ Supplies, we are releasing the first issue of PONYTAIL PARKER in "Looks Can Be Deceiving", a full colour, limited edition comic book published by W'menswear.  In this episode, follow Ponytail Parker and her zombie pal Jerry through a post-apocalyptic planet Earth where they find themselves smoked out of their military base and set out on a mission to find out the culprits.  Twists and turns along the way set the two on a new journey discovering mystery hidden treasure. 

Ponytail Parker is Lauren Yates' appropriation of post WW2 military comic books, providing alternate narratives to the rigid framework of early comic book convention.  The heroine, Parker, is a characterisation of the persona in which Yates has created for her body of work at Ponytail Journal, spanning over her clothing line W'menswear.  She's pulling women out of the kitchen and onto the battlefield, for the funnest adventures possible.  Enjoy the hand painted cover artwork and military-meets neo-psychedelic illustration work that brings this world of Lauren's to life.  Start your Ponytail Parker collection today with a very special pre-order price of $4.00, and see W'menswear garments in action throughout the adventure.  Release date is set for 15th of February, 2017 when deliveries of the comic book will commence.

Written and Edited by Lauren Yates / Illustrated and Coloured by Pitchaya Thanawongrat / Cover Art by Shelly Robbins.